Friday, January 14, 2005

New Parking Meters in Providence

Again from the providence journal After a year and a half of preparation by city officials, Mayor David N. Cicilline showed off the new meters yesterday at a City Hall news conference. He called it an "incredibly exciting day" and said the ProvPass could become a new Christmas gift. Christmas gift? I really hope the mayor was being sarcastic when he said that... Anyway, this is a good move by the city. I don't know about you, but not having to carry cash has made life a lot easier for the organizationally challenged people like myself. I mean how many times have you found yourself at a metter with only dimes or nickels? Or worse: cash! Now you can buy the aptly named, Prov Pass to pay for parking. Woo hoo! Not only that the rate for parking is higher too. So instead of fumbling in your pockets for quarters, you can now pull out your shiek ProvPass and pay a little more for the convenience. It's interesting to note what city officials deem as important. I think I am one of those old fashioned types who thinks parking and water, for that matter, should be F-R-E-E. I mean, if you work downtown, you're already pumping money into the city by way of your company's tax dollars. You're probably lunching somewhere in the city and adding more to the city's kitty. Why parking meters? Why those blasted meter maids who never cut you a break? Well at least you can still walk for free. :-)


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