Thursday, March 24, 2005

Carcieri says no to child care unions

Thanks to our 'friends' at Rhode Island's Future, I've learned that Governor Carcieri will not support the child care providers attempt to unionize. I commented there and am feeling really sick so I'll leave my remarks for another day. Suffice it to say, I think the only weakness of the Carcieri administration is lack of personal connections. What I mean is, if you read the Governor's press release on the child care union, it seems to lack knowledge of the situations facing the child care providers and is the exact reason they seek to unionize!! I hope that the Governor will provide better solutions to their problems than this:

...reform proposals include freezing the current subsidy rates paid to all providers until July 1, 2006. [...] The Governor would also raise the eligibility level for child care providers to get free state-subsidized health care, and would require them to pay the same health care co-shares as RIte Care beneficiaries do.
Child care providers aren't nasty, partisan, state leeches. They are dedicated people who perform a service which allows many working families to do just that: work. I'm deeply saddened that this administration does not acknowledge their right to unionize any longer. Last year the Governor said:
He said it would be fine with him if the workers "wanted to organize themselves" into a union, just as long as it isn't as state employees. "This isn't about unionizing or organizing," he said. The Pawtucket Times April 16, 2004
I'm left wondering, and I am sure the child care providers are as well, why the change in policy?


Blogger matthewRI said...

Carcieri's flip flop just shows you that he is really just 100% about partisan warfare against unions. It's not about our kids. It's not about working parents. It's about the rich corporate executive's disregard for labor unions. End of story.

3/25/2005 04:32:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with "our kids" and it's not about "working parents" nor is it a partisan warfare or "the rich corporate executive's disregard for labor unions." This has to do with what is right and wrong concerning how we spend our tax monies and what policies we make. Since when are child care providers or professionals or whatever name they want to give themselves anything other then private independent for-proffit businesses? As independent business owners, they can set their own hours and rates - now, this being a capitalist society (and not a socialist one as many would have us be) the market is driven by supply and demand. If there isn't a market for $1,000/day child care providers these business owners will go out of business - so they learn to set their rates at what people are willing to pay - and they set their own hours as well - if they don't want to work certain hours, they may miss out on some opportunities - such is life, and this is what they have to realize - this is life, you are your own employer and though the state, if subsidizing for some children's care, requests that there be certain procedures followed, you have the option of not caring for state-subsidized children - again, you are your own boss. So why should I Ms. Tax-Payer being Taxed-to-Death, negotiate your pay and benefits - isn't this supposed to be one of the perks of owning your own business? You are your boss and can pay yourself what you want, but only if the market wants to pay it - so yes, you are governmed by the market, but not the state. Maybe I, as a tax-payer should ask other single professionals to band together to unionize so that we can negotiate with the state on how much we're being taxed to pay for such things as this proposal? And also maybe get the state to pay for my healthcare as well seeing as I'm, via my taxes which I pay via my paycheck, am required to go to work each day to pay for such things as we already are. Enough. End of Story.

4/04/2005 12:34:00 PM  

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