Sunday, February 13, 2005

Partisan Crap-o-la

I'm back. After a couple weeks where RL heated up, I am back. And here's what I have discovered over those two weeks-many people in this state cannot see the forrest through the trees when it comes to partisan politics. Example 1 One day last week, I spoke to someone who's democratically affiliated (read: she voted for John Kerry) and she told me that I was her Republican friend. Taken aback by this, I advised her that although I have Republican leanings, I shouldn't be considered among the rank and file. Example 2 Also last week, I spoke with someone in the Governor's administration. I was speaking to this person on account that I had written a letter to the RI Republican Party. They were interested in what I had to say, and so I set up this meeting. While in conversation this person said, "You're too much of a Democrat." Again, taken more aback by this comment than the first, I told this person that I was, and still am, an independent. I show you these examples because politics in RI, probably moreso than elsewhere, has become so very partisan. If you're on the other side of the aisle, inherently, you're the incarnation of Satan. I'm sorry to say this but Dems in this state have been using that tactic, specifically against minorities, for years. For instance, Rep. Tom Slater and Sen. Jaun Pichardo introduced a bill last year that would allow undocumented immigrants the ability to obtain drivers licences. Many citizens of the South Providence community either were or know someone who is an immigrant and this issue resonates with them. They also support the Democratic party come election time, by overwhelmingly voting Democratic. However, the billed died in the Democratically controlled General Assembly. But yet, listen to Democratic rhetoric and they say they're all for immigrants and helping them on their feet. "But I thought the Republicans were anti-immigrants?" Perhaps, but... Where's the outrage? Where are the glasses that see fault in both parties? Where's the reasoned response? If the two people I spoke with this week exemplify the common Rhode Island-partisan hack, we're in a heap of trouble here guys.


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