Thursday, April 28, 2005

Parents 1, ACLU 0

House strengthens parental consent laws In a great move yesterday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill making it illegal for people to transport minors across state lines in order to circumvent parental consent laws within the minor's state of residence. AWESOME! However, a member of the ACLU said "It certainly reflects a lack of compassion toward teens and in particular to their health [...] It reflects a willingness of Congress to override or trump states' policy decisions." No, it actually aims to strengthen states' rights. States that have chosen to enact parental consent laws shouldn't have their citizens going across state lines just to circumvent the laws. I'm sure the ACLU would be chanting in the streets if the Supreme Court struck down parental consent laws everywhere. A double standard indeed! It sickens me to no end to hear pro-choice advocates' inability to confront moral and ethical challenges of the abortion debate. Instead, they label folks such as myself as 'anti-choice' and against 'abortion rights'. Hmm, I believe that men and women have a choice to sleep with one another and I believe that once a human has been conceived that human has a right to life. But, I guess I just suffer from a 'lack of compassion' according to the ACLU. But, whenever I and the ACLU are on opposite ends of the debate, I feel I'm doing something right. Score one for parents everywhere who, oh my gosh, would like to know if their daughter is about to have an abortion. What a concept!


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