Friday, April 22, 2005

Sick and Tired...of Taco Bell and Hypocrisy

Why haven't I posted an insightful or thought provoking piece today? Could it be that today begins WWIII and I just had more important things on my mind? Could it be that Mike was supposed to take today and give me a much needed break? None of the above, weary traveler. Instead, I got rocked by good old Taco [insert funny joke here] Bell. That stuff goes down harder than the political career of Sheldon Whitehouse. But the masses must be informed! So despite my stomach pains, I give you something on the scandals rocking the House of Representatives.... As I write to you, our friends at Rhode Island's Future have decided to beat up House Majority Leader Tom Delay, who is mired in an ethics scandal. Generally speaking, I think if we took more than a 30 second glance at any congressmen, we could find some type of scandal so when this broke about Delay-i really couldn't have cared less. Yet, the way some Democrats and media attacked Delay, it was as if he were the second coming of Benedict Arnold-only less goodlooking and more treacherous. Knowing the machine that is the GOP, I knew it was only a matter of time before a story about a Democratic leader with questionable dealings popped up. Well, the target has landed on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (link and link2). Oddly enough, the first article came out about two weeks ago and has gotten marginal run on mainstream media outlets. The second article paints an even more grim picture of Pelosi's ethics and I wonder if there will be even a hint of it within mainstream media? You see folks at most other media outlets want to rip any Republican that has some 'indiscretions' but seems to ignore similar situations when the (alleged) perpetrato wears the Democrat badge. Well BWL&R readers, this blog won't play into such partisan nonesense. Here's my advice for congressmen on both sides of the aisle: STOP COMMITTING ETHICS VIOLATIONS! I know, a novel concept but it's painful to watch media outlets lead us to think that the only investigations involve Republicans. Not only is it's false. I know we're smarter than that-so let's not fall into these witch hunts like chattle. But for now it's back to my bathroom. Peace out, y'all. *sings* I fought my stomach, and my stomach won!


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