Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Brown professor to run against Langevin in 2006

The Brown Daily Herald Reports that Jennifer Lawless, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Brown, intends to run against Jim Langevin in District 2. Den...Den...Den...Den. According to the Herald:

Lawless acknowledged in the e-mail the difficulty of challenging an incumbent like Langevin, but she wrote that the importance of having women in public office and her divergence from Langevin's views on several issues compelled her to consider running.
Conspicuously missing from the article is a detailed listing of the issues where Lawless diverges from Langevin. I think we're starting to see seeds of discontent within the Rhode Island Democratic machine. Matt Brown v. Sheldon Whitehouse and now Lawless v. Langevin. Perhaps 'outsiders' are tired of the same ol', same ol' and think they can defeat moderately popular incumbents. I don't know what the thinking is, but I'm sure the political infighting amongst Democrats is music to RI Republicans' ears. Lawless has noted her disdain for both Langevin and Kennedy choosing the safe route in not running against Linc Chafee. Perhaps Lawless isn't as 'outsider'-ish as I thought, for Chafee is about as Democrat as a Republican can get; perhaps her true intention is just like Whitehouse said, to send another Democrat to Washington? Stay tuned to BWLR as we confirm this story and sort out the details.


Blogger Don said...

Now, in today's herald. Her views are expressed further. Check out this article:

Sorry for the bad link, I just don't feel like putting in the HTML tags. Anyway, Lawless does face and incredibly steep uphill climb. And what's interesting is that she's not jumping into the Chafee race-though citing that she's disappointed in Kennedy and Langevin's decision not to run against ol' Linc.

Instead, she chose to take on the best candidate that for a left-leaning female: pro-life Langevin. Well, from what I read she seems to not be a headline chaser and that this is serious business for her. Doing a quick search on the campaign finance reports site, I couldn't find Professor Lawless to see how much she's raised thus far. I'll keep checking.

This should be very interesting.

4/14/2005 07:10:00 AM  

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