Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Howard Dean...Casanova with no substance

Uber-liberal hacks have come to me since Howard Dean was elected as DNC chair saying that he is just what the party needs. He's a no holds barred, grassroots stirring,truly liberal leader who will be able to help the Democrats create a vision, win the Presidency in '08, and perhaps take back at least the Senate between now and '08. Have you ever watched some movies and you see this bright eyed young woman who is 'so in love'? She's telling all her friends about this new guy and how great he is; he gives her flowers, tells her she's beautiful, and writes her poetry. Her friends ask, "What does he do for a living" to which she replies, "nothing he stays with his mom." And you, the viewer, are like "Woman, wake up and smell the coffee. This guy is going and will take you nowhere fast! There's better out ther for you!" My friends, change the names and insert average Democrats as 'the girl' and Dean as 'the momma's boy' and the situations are eerily similar. Dean is NOT going to take the Democratic party where it wants to go with comments like - "They all behave the same. They all look the same. It's pretty much a white Christian party [...] The Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people." In 2004, more Latinos voted for Bush (45%) than for any other Republican presidential candidate ever. Latinos make up the fastest growing population in America and Republicans have been wise to target them. If Dean is clueless about this, Dems, you really should be worried. And recent results probably indicate that Dems believe that Latinos are like their ol' standby minority electorate - African Americans. In 2000, Gore carried 65% of the Latino vote whereas Dubya only garnered 35%. In four years, he grabbed an extra 10% and as the previous post illustrates, we're still looking for WMDs! Karl Rove deserves a very heft salary increase. So Dean, the Casanova, is not what the Dems need. They need a leader who can see the forest through the trees, a leader who sees what the Republican strategy is and creates his/her own based upon the ideals of the Democratic party. When I think of Dean, I think of a madman - his first few months as DNC chair have done nothing to dissuade me and probably most Americans from this viewpoint. By the way Doctor, aren't you a 'white Christian'?


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