Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Smoke This!

Drum roll please. Today is March 1, 2004 and yesterday was the last day chain smokers, I mean people who smoke tobacco products, were allowed to smoke in public places. According to the RHODE ISLAND WORKERS' SAFETY ACT OF 2004 beginning today there is a

...Prohibition of smoking in public places. – Smoking shall be prohibited in all enclosed public places within the state of Rhode Island...
No more smoking in restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. As a non-smoker I really am going to be helped by this. It has puzzled me that liberals haven't jumped in support of this law. They are the same who think that if it doesn't hurt anyone, you should do it-so it's odd that there hasn't been resounding support when we KNOW smoking kills the people who smoke and DOES have damaging effects on the people around the smoke. Perhaps they're all closet chain smokers??? But anyway, hears to cleaner air!!


Anonymous greg said...

California has banned smoking in public enclosed places for a number of years now and it's downright freaky. I went home on vacation one year and into my favorite bar down by the beach to hoist a few. I sat there trying to figure out what was so different about the place (new decor? new barmaids?) when the bartender said, "You're not from around here." Not a question, a statement. "Well, it's been a while," I confessed. "We don't allow smoking indoors," he said. "If you wanna smoke, you gotta go up on the roof deck." That's what threw me. The bar didn't have that lung-seizing smell of stale smoke. Now it just smelled of stale urine. Much nicer.

3/02/2005 01:48:00 PM  

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