Friday, February 25, 2005

It's up to you New York....

I love New York right now. First, as I have described earlier, I think Eliot Spitzer is the best emerging Democratic candidate in a long time. He's running for Governor. Second, Spitzer just endorsed Fernando Ferrer for Mayor of New York City. Ferrer is a progressive Democrat who nearly won the run-off in the last Mayor's race and will be the City's first Latino Mayor - he is Puerto Rican. This surprise early endorsement shows Spitzer's backbone. "I'm not shy about articulating my support for a candidate when I think they're the best candidate," Spitzer told the New York Times in Thursday's edition. Spitzer for Governor. Ferrer for Mayor. That would be a change! Finally, a coalition of labor unions, small businesses and real Americans, successfully stopped Walmart's attempt to open their first New York City store. You might remember Walmart as the mammouth company that just closed down their store in Canada that had voted to unionize.


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