Thursday, April 28, 2005

When is the meeting? 1:00AM. Bring your slippers!

Just when you thought you saw it all at the Secretary of State's website. In February, the projo did an expose on how you really couldn't find your legislator even though the website said you could. That problem has been fixed, but lookie what I found today. 4 meetings scheduled for April 28, 2005 begin prior to 2AM!!! Not one-a data entry glitch, not two-someone having a bad day, not even three-someone's planning on giving their notice tomorrow, but four-do I really know how to work this thing-meetings being held while most of us are sleeping. Perhaps it was a one day thing, but as you look through the list of meetings you'll find numerous meetings listed before 5am. Surely, this must be an error but you have to ask yourself how often does the staff at the Secretary of State's office check this list for accuracy. We deserve better than this Mr. Secretary. Please update and/or correct this listing.


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