Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Emmett Till's body to be exhumed

Emmett Till, a young man who was brutaly murdered because he allegedly whistled at a white woman, will be exhumed so that federal authorities can determine who murdered him. His autopsy will come 50 years after his death, too-late to sentence his admitted killers (who have died), and 2 years too late for his mother to see justice. A letter to the editor by one Mr. William Bates, said "...If this case is not reopened and the guilty punished, I shall laugh at the word "justice."" Well Mr. Bates, you can finally stop laughing (though hopefully you haven't coughed up your lungs in the last 50 years.) Interestingly, the killers allegedly only planned to rough up Till. But Till allegedly kept saying he was their equal and that is what caused them to kill him. I've often said, that had I lived in those times, I would have been killed. Why? Because that time was a time of pure discrimination and it's not likely I would have shut my mouth for the sake of acquiescence. However, I bring up this story because it has always fascinated me and justice 50 years later is still justice. Take a look at the links I provided-they're an interesting read.


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