Thursday, March 03, 2005

Abortion: The Saga Continues Part I

After Roe v Wade, did anyone think that the legal, if not social, abortion debate would continue for 30+ years? But it has and during the January 2005 Session of the state house there are bills-a-plenty surrounding abortion. However, we're going to look at one in particular: Senate bill 0273, and its House counterpart 5432. These bills would repeal the requirement that physicians performing abortions notify the husband of the patient before the abortion is performed. The pro-choice world has crept ever so closer to its main goal: Woman's body, woman's choice-forget the rest of y'all! However, except those women who are introvenously fertilized, it takes two people (male and female that is) to create another human life via a sexual act. I find it insulting that these reprentatives and senators feel it necessary to take away my RIGHT to KNOW if my wife will make a life altering decision or not. We husbands aren't some random dudes you meet on the street, are we? Are we just work horses, whose main purpose is to provide heat, electricity, and food? Are we merely sperm doners to our wives? The answer is no, no, and most certainly no! In just about all other aspects of life which are less important husbands and wives are expected to make decisions together. Whether it's buying a house, choosing a school for their child, whose going to pick up the groceries, etc. marriage is a covenant act between two people who have vowed to be life partners; and in a partnership you make decisions t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r. Furthermore, parental rights are rights of the mother and father; not one over the other. The state was wise in mandating physicians inform husbands because it is not true that a wife has more right to the child than does her husband. They made the child together and both share the burden...equally. These same activists that would stip a husband of his right to know, would probably also demand child support from a husband who's wife decided to have the baby, if said husband and wife separated for any reason. That's hypocritical! You cannot tell me or any of the thousands of husbands in RI we have no right to know our pregnant wife is planning an abortion but 'fellas if you run out on her when she has the baby, we're coming for you.' It demeans me. It demeans you! It demeans fatherhood! Respected legislators, as husbands and fathers, we're not going to let this slip by. We love our children, we love our wives, and we love the marriage covenant we entered making us one flesh, no longer two.


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