Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh Man!

So where's the daily posting you promised, Don? Answer: Still looking for that laptop. Anyway, so Dubya has offered up his second helping of a Supreme Court Nominee in the guise of Harriet Meirs(sp?). If you're like me, you're tired of the pomp and circumstance surrounding the nominee. I read many varying headlines yestderday. Bush taps loyalist to sit on Supreme Court. Non-judge nominated by Bush Former Texas Lottery Commissioner appointed to replace O'Connor The bias was so latent in the headlines, I skipped reading much of the details. When will our media stop trying to spin every little story? I guess never, but we have to expect and demand more. On merits, John Roberts is an excellent choice for Chief Justice. I don't know enough about Meirs to say the same. But, will we get the chance to know her or will we get spin... The Spin Doctors disbanded in the late 90s if I recall, but mainstream media is really doing a good job headlining the revival tour.