Saturday, November 26, 2005

Governor and AG come together

The Governor and Attorney General apparently see eye to eye on at least one issue. On Tuesday, Nov. 22, they announced joint support of stricter DUI regulations (see here). The Governor stated that he had introduced legislation like this before, but I guess he's trying to bring more political pressure onto Democrats by having the AG sign along with it. I have a couple of things to say about this. This helps Lynch against his race against Bill Harsch, who will be a formidable opponent. How so? Well, the Attorney General can now claim that he has 'gone across the aisle' and worked with a Republican, the state's most prominent Republican by the way. He also doesn't lose anything with Democratic voters because RI is a bastion of DUI offences relative to its size and given recent events in places such as Barrington, this will be universally viewed as the right thing to do for Rhode Island. Thus, when the time comes for Mr. Harsch to start picking apart AG Lynch's record, this will be one less bullet in the gun. But then again 5 bullets in a 6 bullet pistol is still pretty lethal.


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