Friday, June 24, 2005

I have an excellent idea...

Hold up...wait a minute!?!? CIA Chief Porter Goss said that he has an 'excellent idea' where Osama Bin Laden; aka Hitler of the 21st Century, aka The Man, The Myth, the Terrorist; aka Public Enemy Number One; aka loser of Average Joe: Arabian Geeks. Man, I could go on forever with that one, but point is the CIA director had the following to say about bin Laden's whereabouts: "I have an excellent idea where he is. What's the next question?" I'm soo trying to continue to support the Bush Administration with respect to the War on Terror and they make it more difficult for me to do so with statements like this. Here we went in and deposed (read: regime change) Saddam Hussein because we 'thought' he had weapons of mass destruction and now the CIA chief says he has an 'excellent' idea where bin Laden is and can't do anything about it??? What is up with that? Let me ask you all this: There's a serial killer in your neighborhood. He's killed your sister and one of your friends. You've been searching for this punk for years. Then, via some very good detective work, you discover he's across state lines but you have an 'excellent idea' of his exact location. What do you do? A. Stay home and watch "Hell's Kitchen". B. Set your brother-in-law (your sister's widower) up on a blind date. C. "I'm not going to answer this. Next question." D. Call the cops and hope they beat you to this guys location so that your children can have a father who doesn't have a serial number tatooed to the back of his neck. The answer is obvious. Now, why isn't the CIA protecting us and taking the same course of action?

Right to Vote going to the voters in 2006

The right to vote legislation has passed, technically. The amendment was typographically adjusted by the House so it must return back to the Senate in the coming days/weeks. I'm not going to say 'This is a great win for democracy.' and definitely not, 'The General Assembly is the bastion of civil rights ideals. I thank them.' Too often when proponents of legislation either a) win or b) lose they come out with regurgetated statements that have little meaning and tell us nothing about the merits of the situation. What I will say is this: I had confidence that the General Assembly would pass this legislation. In essence, it's a no lose situation for them. They pass it, they're heroes to the liberal throngs. They pass it, they don't have to take responsibility for actually agreeing that former felons should have the right to vote. "No, all they are interested in is allowing the average Rhode Islander to have their say." That's why I was confident this would pass and through much effort of people like Marshall Clement and Andres Idarraga, it has. But I had confidence in something else, that hasn't quite panned out the way I thought. I honestly believed, and still do, that the Governor should have jumped on board this democracy train as soon as the words 'casino' had stopped echoing in our brains. " life out of driving, away..." Sorry, guess the echo is still there. Anyway, this Governor needs a 'civil rights' issue and this is about as safe as you can get. Logic: People living in our community of voting age have the right to vote. Period. End of Story. But perhaps the Governor remains on the sidelines in order to position himself for 2006 based upon his challenger. Ok, I can live with that politically speaking. Yet, I think the better political move would be to endorse this effort strongly to ensure his opponent cannot use this referendum as his issue. But, what do I know? I'm not a 'political insider' nor a 'special interest group'. I'm just an average Rhode Islander with some commen sense.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Howard Dean...Casanova with no substance

Uber-liberal hacks have come to me since Howard Dean was elected as DNC chair saying that he is just what the party needs. He's a no holds barred, grassroots stirring,truly liberal leader who will be able to help the Democrats create a vision, win the Presidency in '08, and perhaps take back at least the Senate between now and '08. Have you ever watched some movies and you see this bright eyed young woman who is 'so in love'? She's telling all her friends about this new guy and how great he is; he gives her flowers, tells her she's beautiful, and writes her poetry. Her friends ask, "What does he do for a living" to which she replies, "nothing he stays with his mom." And you, the viewer, are like "Woman, wake up and smell the coffee. This guy is going and will take you nowhere fast! There's better out ther for you!" My friends, change the names and insert average Democrats as 'the girl' and Dean as 'the momma's boy' and the situations are eerily similar. Dean is NOT going to take the Democratic party where it wants to go with comments like - "They all behave the same. They all look the same. It's pretty much a white Christian party [...] The Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people." In 2004, more Latinos voted for Bush (45%) than for any other Republican presidential candidate ever. Latinos make up the fastest growing population in America and Republicans have been wise to target them. If Dean is clueless about this, Dems, you really should be worried. And recent results probably indicate that Dems believe that Latinos are like their ol' standby minority electorate - African Americans. In 2000, Gore carried 65% of the Latino vote whereas Dubya only garnered 35%. In four years, he grabbed an extra 10% and as the previous post illustrates, we're still looking for WMDs! Karl Rove deserves a very heft salary increase. So Dean, the Casanova, is not what the Dems need. They need a leader who can see the forest through the trees, a leader who sees what the Republican strategy is and creates his/her own based upon the ideals of the Democratic party. When I think of Dean, I think of a madman - his first few months as DNC chair have done nothing to dissuade me and probably most Americans from this viewpoint. By the way Doctor, aren't you a 'white Christian'?

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Can't fake the Funk

What is up, my hommies? Thanks goes to the many of you faithful readers who have trodded back here day after day, and now week after week, only to be denied a new post. Well, no more! In today's installment of 'How the Black, White, Left, & Right Turns' we take a look at the issue of Koran defacement within the US Justice Department, namely during interrogations of would-be terrorists (do not note any sarcasm). The initial story of a Koran being flushed down the toilet by by stuffy dudes in shirts and ties pretending to be the next Kujo was subsequently retracted by Newsweek with the administration having the gefall to jump down on Newsweek. Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld said:

"People need to be very careful about what they say just as people need to be careful about what they do"
*Don comes to the microphone* 'Excuse me, Mr. Secretary, but have you found the weapons of mass destruction?' *Inaudible response from sweat bead-laden countenance of said Secretary* Let's see here flushing the Koran down the toilet OR no weapons of mass destruction. Toilet or WMD? The Can or nuclear weapons? This administration astonishes me in how it dispels its mistakes by living in a constant state of denial while harping on less pertinent mistakes made by others with furiousness not unlike that of an emasciated dog who's bloodshot eyes spot a week old KFC thigh bone. Yummy! And now we're hearing reports of the Koran being stood on, kicked, and 'inadvertently' peed on. Here's the U.S. Southern Command response from Brig. General Jay W. Hood, noting what Rumsfeld said regarding Newsweek as you read:
Mishandling a Koran at Guantanamo Bay is a rare occurrence [...] Mishandling of a Koran here is never condoned. When one considers the many thousands of times detainees have been moved and cells have been searched since detention operations first began here in January 2002, I think one can only conclude that respect for detainee religious beliefs was embedded in the culture of [the task force] from the start.
That says it all, dear reader, says it all. I don't think I need to write another word...well perhaps just a few more - STOP FAKING THE FUNK.